Norwegian prop-tech SaaS sold for multiple 7 figures in a private equity buyout

Product Design
UX/UI Design
Data Science
Web App Development
Website Development
Fractional CTO
PropTech (SaaS)
Oslo, Norway
2021 - 2023

Context & Mission

PlayEstate, a leading B2B SaaS provider, revolutionizes real estate research and analytics in Norway. Targeting real estate developers, financial institutions, and market analysts, PlayEstate aimed to simplify accessing real-time and historical property prices nationwide. The three-year project transformed an idea into a successful product, culminating in a multi-7-figure acquisition by a private equity fund.

The Challenge

The real estate market lacked a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for detailed market analysis. Users struggled with outdated, inaccurate data and inefficient processes. PlayEstate required not just technical expertise but also strategic guidance, seeking Fractional CTO services for product strategy development.

The Solution

Our agency provided a holistic solution, including UI/UX Design, Data Science, Web and Website Development. The tech stack featured TypeScript, NextJS, Firebase, NodeJS, MySQL, and NestJS, ensuring a robust, scalable application. Puppeteer was instrumental in data aggregation and analysis. Our Fractional CTO played a critical role in steering product strategy, ensuring the tool met industry needs precisely.

The Outcome

PlayEstate emerged as a powerful tool, offering real-time insights and historical data analysis. Its intuitive interface and accurate data significantly improved decision-making for clients. The platform's success is evident in its lucrative acquisition, a testament to its market impact.

Key Metrics

  • Norway's most used tool for the analysis of the new builds markets.
  • Data accuracy improved by 95%, as per client feedback.
"Along the process, we felt cared for, as if they were part of our business, and not an external contractor doing a transaction."

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