About us

Founded in the booming start-up culture of Stockholm, Sweden, and now based in the technological boom of Dubai, Seven Sigma Group is a fully-distributed team of software engineers and designers.

We love partnering with founders and entrepreneurs looking for an extension of their own teams to accelerate their business growth.

Our values

These are our guiding principles

Client First
We put you and your goals first, in every decision we make.
Integrated Partnerships
We act as an extension of your own internal team.
Results Matter
Great tech fulfills its purpose, and helps you to achieve your goals.
Deliver Real Value Fast
You feel the positive impact of working with us immediately.
People Are The Heart Of Good Tech
People matter. Relationships, communication and expertize make great products.

Our Team

Our people are the driving force behind Seven Sigma’s technical excellence.

  • Timothy Highnam

    Chief Executive

    Timothy Highnam

    Starting as a Strategy & Operations consultant for Deloitte, Timothy is a seasoned entrepreneur, speaker and leader, with extensive experience driving start-up growth.

  • Guillermo Gómez González

    Chief Technical Officer

    Guillermo Gómez González

    With 10 years of full-stack development and AI experience, Guillermo has worked with companies including Intel Microsystems and Volvo Autonomous Driving Vehicles.

  • Giancarlo Kerg

    Lead AI Scientist

    Giancarlo Kerg

    Giancarlo holds a masters degree in Pure Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, and a PhD from the Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute.

  • David Liu

    AI Scientist

    David Liu

    David has a PhD from the University of Cambridge in computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning, and has worked with companies including Meta and G-Research.

  • Zac Jiang

    Machine Learning Engineer

    Zac Jiang

    With a PhD in Computer Vision and Deep Learning from The Australian National University, Zac has previously worked for both Baidu and Tencent.

  • Myles Ingram

    Lead Data Scientist

    Myles Ingram

    A graduate of Harvard University, and with a Masters degree in Data Science from Colombia University, Myles is a highly experienced Data Scientist with extensive experience in healthcare data science.

Thinking about your project?

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