Building a 5-star nightlife party planning mobile app

Mobile App Development
Lifestyle (Mobile App)
Chicago, USA
Feb - Jul 2023
React Native

Context & Mission

NiteOwl, a cutting-edge mobile app, redefines nightlife experiences in Chicago and surrounding areas. It serves as a dynamic platform for venues to promote events and for partygoers to rate and choose their ideal party spots based on real-time metrics like wait times. The mission was to create an engaging, user-friendly app that enhances nightlife planning.

The Challenge

The nightlife app market is bustling and competitive. NiteOwl needed to stand out with unique features like live check-ins and party ratings. The project demanded rapid development without compromising quality, aiming to complete the app one month ahead of the typical timeline.

The Solution

Seven Sigma drove forward the Mobile App development, utilizing TypeScript, React Native, and TailwindCSS for a sleek, responsive design. The backend was built in Django for robust backend functionality. Our agile development process enabled us to efficiently turn designs into a fully-functional app, surpassing expectations by completing the project a month earlier than scheduled.

The Outcome

NiteOwl quickly became a go-to app for Chicago's nightlife, praised for its user-friendly interface and unique features. The app's success has been marked by its growing adoption among partygoers and venues alike.

Key Metrics

  • Developed and launched the app 1 month ahead of schedule.
  • Gained only 5* ratings in the app store.
"Guillermo and his team worked on my project creating the mobile app NiteOwl, using React Native with TypeScript. His code quality, diligence and communication are exceptional. I want him to join my team in Austin, TX full-time - that’s how just good he is."

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